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Montreal Assisted Living & Retirement Homes

Canada’s second largest, Montreal, takes its name from Mount Royal – the triple-peaked hill located in the heart of the city. The Montreal metropolitan area consists of almost 100 municipalities, including Montreal, Pointe-Claire, Laval, Westmount, Verdun, Longueuil, and several other suburbs. Montreal, like most cities across Canada, is seeing an exponential growth in senior population. From an estimated 3.5 million senior population back in 1996, this number is forecasted to reach almost 6.9 million by 2021.

Cost of Retirement Homes in Montreal

According to the recent survey of retirement homes conducted by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in 2015, the average cost of a standard room in Montreal is $1,675. The highest average rent is in the West Island at $ 1,898, while the lowest rent is in the North at $1,296. More information about other locations are detailed below:

Average Rent of Standard Spaces by Unit Type in Montreal
Centre Private Room Semi-Private Room Bachelor Apartment One Bedroom Apartment Two Bedroom Apartment Average
Montréal CMA $1,658 $2,064 $1,308 $1,612 $2,214 $1,675
Island of Montréal $1,691 ** $1,253 $1,664 $2,437 $1,696
Island Centre $1,707 ** $1,411 $2,018 $3,048 $1,889
Island West $2,235 ** $1,408 $1,722 $2,521 $1,898
Island North $1,185 ** $938 $1,348 $1,889 $1,296
Island East $1,612 ** $1,478 $1,673 $2,405 $1,731
Vaudreuil-Soulanges $1,782 ** ** ** ** $1,753
Laval-North Shore $1,617 $2,191 $1,313 $1,508 $2,005 $1,619
Laval $1,722 ** $1,285 $1,542 $2,105 $1,659
North Shore $1,640 ** $1,372 $1,478 $1,882 $1,597
Saint-Jérôme $1,510 ** ** $1,402 ** $1,506
South Shore $1,652 ** $1,467 $1,626 $2,151 $1,700
South Shore Centre $1,885 ** $1,483 $1,652 $2,250 $1,772
South Shore East $1,601 ** $1,466 $1,618 $2,123 $1,668
South Shore West $1,578 ** ** $1,471 $1,561 $1,521

These cost figures represent an average, so actual rents may be lower or higher, depending on the senior home. It is important to note that units may include meals, housekeeping, cable television, and other services, so it recommended for seniors to inquire about the services that are included in the rent and see if these fit their individual needs. Also, Canadian seniors aged 70 and above are eligible for a tax credit for home maintenance, so this would result to a significant reduction in the cost of monthly rent.

Senior Living in Montreal

Quebec may be one of the largest provinces in Canada, but it has a meager population. Most of this province’s senior population is settled along the banks of the St. Lawrence River, with the majority of senior residences located in Montreal and Quebec City – two wonderful cities that offer low cost of living which makes them ideal places to retire in.

Elderly citizens who prefer to live with other older adults or can no longer live alone in their own homes would find that moving to a retirement home or an assisted living facility in Montreal can be quite a good option for them. These types of senior communities are ideal for seniors who have moderate health and personal care needs. On the other hand, elderly individuals who need 24-hour nursing care or supervision may consider living in long term care facilities.

Independent Living Communities / Retirement Homes in Montreal

Independent living communities, or retirement homes, is the ideal home for seniors who do not require special care and would only need very little assistance with their daily activities. Independent living communities in Montreal usually come in the form of senior condo units or apartments.

Additional services are also available, depending on the senior home. It is best to ask the facility what forms of assistance would come with the rent. These may be housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, personal hygiene, or laundry. Most independent living communities offer social programs to help seniors continue to be involved in their community and gain a sense of fulfilment.

Retirement homes provide a comfortable and relaxing environment that encourages elderly individuals to continue with their individual interests and hobbies within a community of healthy and happy seniors such as themselves. Independent living communities offer year-round social events, classes, and outdoor activities, facilitating for seniors who want to get involved in community outreach, volunteer work, and meaningful events.

Senior individuals have a broad selection of retirement homes in Montreal to choose from, where they have convenient access to shopping centers, cultural venues, and medical facilities. Also, most senior residences provide transportation services so seniors can truly enjoy their independence.

Assisted Living / Intermediate Accommodation Facility for Seniors in Montreal

Assisted living facilities are specifically designed for elderly individuals who are can no longer live independently as they need help performing some of their daily activities. Seniors have a wide range of options when it comes to assisted living facilities in Montreal. There is the assisted living retirement community, homes which are primarily focused on providing entertainment and medical or care assistance to elderly individuals who wish to enjoy their retirement. Another option is the nursing staff, although seniors who require more advanced medical care will benefit more from heavy care or long term care homes in Montreal.

Seniors will enjoy the relaxed and comfortable environment in assisted living communities. In addition to the usual amenities and services, some assisted living facilities offer their residents the option of preparing their own meals, although most of these senior homes have in-house chefs that serve delicious and nutritious meals and snacks the cost of which are included in the monthly rent. Seniors in assisted living facilities also have access to trips to parks, museums, movies, plays, and attractions throughout the city which are organized by the facility’s staff. Transportation for outside activities as well as doctor’s appointments are also provided. For assistance with certain activities or any medical emergency, residents can rely on the staff members who are available 24 hours a day.

Heavy Care and Long Term Care Facilities for Seniors in Montreal

Heavy care assisted living senior homes in Montreal are for elderly residents who need consistent medical attention or have a chronic condition that limits their mobility. Heavy care retirement homes provide a more dedicated medical focus seniors compared to assisted living communities, in addition to entertainment. At the least, there is one doctor who is available for emergencies and is likely to make several visits each week, if there is no full-time doctor at the retirement home. Their nursing staff are qualified through specific training in elder and palliative care.

Senior homes and communities in Montreal are generally as luxurious as the city’s independent living communities, and the only difference would be that they replace the more physically challenging activities with therapeutic sessions assisted by a more specialized nursing staff. Off-site excursions, aerobic exercise classes, and first class amenities are also available in heavy care retirement homes, similar to other assisted living communities, although heavy care facilities modify their activities to suit older senior residents.

Long term care facilities in Montreal provide 24-hour care and assistance with all medical needs. Long term care facilities are intended for senior residents whose physical and/or cognitive conditions require 24-hour care and support services for everyday activities. A wide variety of care and services are provided in this type of senior facility, such as dedicated care for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

Nursing, care, and other essential services are given to seniors who can no longer look after their own personal needs on their own. Long term care facilities provide 24-hour nursing care and supervision to seniors who suffer from sustained physical or chronic illness, disability, or cognitive impairment within a secure location.

Long term care senior homes provide elderly residents with medical care, other services, and amenities, including:

  • Comfortable private or semi-private rooms
  • Three nutritious meals daily
  • Housekeeping service
  • Laundry service
  • Exercise programs
  • Physical therapy programs
  • Social programs and activities
  • 24-hour staffing and personal assistance
  • Medication management
  • Pain management
  • Hospice care

Recreational Activities for Seniors in Montreal

The Montreal Botanical Gardens and the Biodome are some of the best spots where seniors can spend time out of the long term care facility and enjoy nature. The Montreal Botanical Gardens is a live museum of plants from all over the earth, and the magnificence of the gardens will make you want to visit this place again and again. The Biodome is ranked as one of the largest gardens of its kind in the entire world.

The Shelburne Museum offers a year round treat for art enthusiasts, having over 150,000 works of art. This museum includes a 1920’s vintage carousel as well as a mid 1800’s style schoolhouse amongst several other buildings that will transport guests into the past.

The exhibits in the Cosmodome Space Science Center will definitely inspire and amaze the seniors. One of the highlights of the center is the replica of space shuttle Endeavour, and guests can also experience a moonwalk simulation complete with space station communications.

Montreal Medical Services and Facilities

As the senior population grows in Montreal, Quebec, it is essential that the elderly citizens have access to reputable hospitals that will cater to their physical and mental health and well-being. One of the hospitals that provide quality health care to senior citizens in Montreal is the Montreal Heart Institute (Institut de Cardiologie de Montréal), a specialty hospital which is dedicated to the development of cardiology. The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital is an academic medical center that specializes in neuroscience research, training, and clinical care. The Montreal General Hospital (Hôpital Général de Montréal), currently part of the McGill University Health Centre, provides a senior-friendly environment by integrating senior-friendly designs into the hospital, like contrasting paint colours to clearly define doorways, baseboards, and floor boards; convenient public accessibility; grab bars; and automatic doors.

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Montreal is known to be one of the best places in the world for seniors to live in. If you are choosing among which Montreal neighborhood to call home, don’t forget to consider your proximity to particular services you will need on a regular basis, natural parks and recreational areas, as well as medical centers.